Willow Rosenberg

Willow is my favorite Buffy character, bar none.  I'm not sure if it's because her character had such a huge growth arc over the series or if it's just because Alyson Hannigan is so adorable.  Once again the idea was to do both good and evil versions.  I chose the "Tough Love" version for the good Willow for three reasons.  I had never seen a figure in this particular outfit (although from what I understand Diamond will be producing an action figure in this outfit), I wanted to have a floaty effect and it's a more feminine contrast to the Dark Willow.  Once again, the base will be changes lightly with no Uber Vamp head. We may scribe a pentogram into the top stone part of the base.  As for Dark Willow, we are leaving the black veins off the face at fox's request.  (I don't miss them, personally).  Black pupils may come back though.  SRP?.