Buffy The Vampire Slayer

All of the designs have been approved, except the "Chosen" outfit on the right.  It was the very first deign done since it was the number one fan choice, but we could not get approval from Sarah Michelle Gellar's camp on this one.  I didn't get a reason, just a "no".  Upon reflection, even though it is a popular oufit, it does make a potentially dull maquette.  I even tried to punch up what little color there was, but it was probably the right decision.  The  "End of Days" version kind of helped solve the problem.  I wanted to use the scythe and do two versions of Buffy (one with pony tail and one without).  As an option for the "loose hair "version I chose another fan favorite "Once More with Feeling" as the basis.  I avoided this at first just because it seems every Buffy product has her wearing black and red.  I'm happy with the way it came out as the colors really make the figure.   The base is supposed to represent stone and wood which is realized much better on the final sculpt.  I wanted each character base to be consistent while aslo being unique. Her stepping stone includes a head relief of the Uber-Vamp over a scribed pentagram.  You will see this on other designs as well, but they will be removed and be unigue to the Buffy maquettes.  And each Buffy maquette will come with two set's of hands including both versions seen.  SRP on the first Buffy (OMWF) will be $89.