We at Electric Tiki promise to deliver the best products available. Since we are a very small company we would like to make the following statements and/or disclaimers.

1)All images on this website are the property of Electric Tiki Design, so please do not use images without permission. All characteres are © & TM their respective owners. ANY and ALL original designs are © & TM ELECTRIC TIKI DESIGN, INC. and may not be reproduced for any reason.  This web site design is TM & © Electric Tiki Design, Inc.

2) Though our products look fun, they are not for children. They are high end products for adult collectors, so we ask that you display them responsibly.

1) Unless there are unusual circumstances, we cannot issue refunds or credit for products purchased.Unusual circumstances basically means we shipped the wrong item. So please, be sure of your purchase.

2) We check our products condition before they are shipped and make sure they are packed with care, unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the way they are handled en route or the condition in which they arrive.

Dealer inquirys are welcome, and encouraged. Electric Tiki reserves the right to set parameters on wholesale price and reserves the right to refuse sales to anyone for any reason. Electric Tiki does not accept returned merchandise that goes unsold for any reason.

At this time, all artist proof editions are considered exclusives to our site. Do to the very small run of these, they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. At this time we can not match collector numbers on different editions. For artist proof editions, we will try to offer the same numbers to the same person if they request it, and if our inventory allows it. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.