Electric Tiki presents the bad boys of Harvey comics, The Ghostly Trio. The flipside of the Casper coin, the Trio lived (figurativley speaking) to frighten and constantly made Casper's life a nightmare. The#1 most requested characters by Harvey fans, Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch are coming your way in a special three pack. Just in time for Halloween the trio will make perfect companions to their fellow aparitions, Casper and Spooky. Designed by Tracy Mark Lee and sculpted by Schu. As with the rest of Electric Tiki's Harvey line, each three pack is stricltly limited to initial orders. Comes fully painted , ready to display. Includes certificate of authenticity! So cool they're frightening!
The Trio are available for pre-order on our order page! For those wondering about inviso-versions of the Ghostly Trio, we are working on a couple of ideas. Stay Tooned!